I’m more of a curator than a creator when it comes to recipes, so I mostly feature recipes created by others. That said, I do occasionally have some luck with my own experimentations. Below you’ll find Eating The Week recipes – that I made up or adapted substantially – which will open a simple text doc via DropBox (or click the date for the full post).

Eating The Week recipes

Baked beans and fruit on cinnamon raisin toastFeatured Jan 19 2011
Barbeque egg and veggies breakfast sandwich. Featured  Dec 7 2011
Breakfast enchiladas. Featured  Jan 4 2012
Broccolini, grapes and Italian sausage, adapted from Serious Eats. Featured  Feb 2 2011
Chocolate chip banana scones, adapted from Joy of BakingFeatured Jan 6 2011

Chocolate veggie enchiladasFeatured Dec 15 2011
Chia seed whole wheat pancakes with orange zest, adapted from Simple BitesFeatured Mar 1 2011
Cinnamon-lime chicken with raisin couscous, adapted from About.comFeatured May 10 2011 
Citrus avocado sesame dressingFeatured Sept 21 2011
Couscous stuffed tomatoesFeatured May 10 2011

Coconut chia-seed fruit popsFeatured Aug 21 2011
Crispy chicken fingersFeatured Nov 7 2011
Curried sweet potato hash browns with pear, adapted from Petit Chef and Group RecipesFeatured Feb 17 2011
Double chocolate ginger scones. Featured Feb 21 2012
Eggs BeneMex. Featured Jan 21 2012

French toast barley. Featured Mar 29 2011
Fruit, goat cheese and spinach salad. Featured  Feb 2 2011
Grilled portobello mushrooms stuffed with spiced couscous. Featured June 21 2011
Hummus, sesame-oil and veggie sandwich. Featured Aug 10 2011
Kale protein smoothie. Featured Sept 3 2011

Nutty rice casserole,  adapted from Kiwi Magazine. Featured Jan 12 2011
Pasta with clams, spinach and tomatoesFeatured Apr 8 2011
Pasta with fava beans & zucchini, adapted from two recipes from Serious Eats. Featured Jan 19 2011
Pumpkin yogurt dipFeatured Oct 21 2011
Slowcooker beer brisketFeatured Apr 29 2011 .

Sparkling melon fizz. Featured July 21 2011
Spinach salad with guacamole, salsa and black beans. Featured Aug 3 2011
Sweet potato wedgesFeatured Nov 7 2011
Thyme-roasted root vegetables. Featured Feb 8 2011
Vegetable and turkey pasta bake. Featured Jan 12 2011

Vegetable pasta soupFeatured Feb 23 2011
Waffle sandwiches. Featured Jan 6 2011
Warm spelt saladFeatured Nov 21 2011
Yogurt with banana, apricots and datesFeatured Apr 8 2011

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