Recalling Fall with Favorites from Cooking Light

You know the feeling when you run into someone who you know you know, who you probably worked with, or traveled with, maybe dated… but for the life of you, just can’t place them or recall their name?

That was me trying to make pizza this week. There was a time that muscle memory would immediately kick in, and my hands would assemble, knead, proof and stretch the dough without an assist from any higher brain functions. I knew that recipe, inside and out; made it at least weekly, often a few times a week.


But after a long pizza-making-free stretch (moving, work, the usual), I was staring at a jar of yeast and bag of bread flour, dumbfounded. It’s what, five ingredients and a handful of steps? How have I forgotten this?!

Maybe this was part of a bigger food-related amnesia, as I have been stumbling through the switch from no-bake summer fare chock full of fresh new produce, to the warm, hearty fall standards. Squash? Crockpots? Pies? What are these things and HOW DID THEY GET IN MY KITCHEN?

Our CSA went bonkers with the apples in the last couple weeks

Our CSA went bonkers with the apples in the last couple weeks

Thankfully, Cooking Light helped jog my memory with 24 favorite fall recipes. Reading through the collection – soups, desserts, pumpkin-y things, spiced meats, vegetable-rich sides – and then reviewing the aforementioned pizza dough recipe, that muscle memory clicked back on. Right, yes, I do know what to do with flour, yeast and salt! Apples, butternut squash, bring them on!


Need a little guidance on your memory-lane trip? Here’s a week’s worth of recipes from the CL list that I thought looked especially good, plus a oldie but goodie from me (fruit-and-barley-stuffed butternut squash), now that I remembered my own recipe:

  • Apple, goat cheese, walnut pizza from Cooking Light (here)
  • Bacon & butternut pasta from Cooking Light (here)
  • Savory baked apples from Cooking Light (here)
  • Baked Italian-style cauliflower from Cooking Light (here)
  • Fall vegetable curry from Cooking Light (here)
  • French onion & apple soup from Cooking Light (here)
  • Fruit-and-barley-stuffed butternut squash from Eating the Week (here)

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  1. I definitely want to try this pizza recipe!

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