Recipe ReDux: The seedy side of nutrition

Are you stealing a furtive glance over your shoulder to see if anyone noticed you entering… The Red Fruit District?

Chia berry pudding

Well, there’s no need for secrecy about this month’s Recipe ReDux – we should be loud and proud about the nutritional benefits of seeds! Because they have to fuel the start of new plants from scratch, seeds are packed full of nutrients that are good for us human types, too. Many have a good dose of healthy fats, fiber, and minerals; and they’re often a great way to add crunchy texture to foods.


Chia seeds are among my favorite little germinators, because they’re a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and are hydrophilic little weirdos that grab onto water & form a cool gel. That lends itself nicely to making chia pudding, which I’ve done in previous posts already.

So to make this one a ReDux, I added in a surprise source of seeds – fresh strawberries. We have a TON to use up from our recent CSA box, and it occurred to me that we could get a two-seed punch thanks to all the little studs on the strawberries’ skin.

CSA June

The result is a quick, warm, one-bowl meal that mixes seedy nutrition with a classic flavor combo – banana, strawberry and chocolate (thanks to the dark chocolate peanut butter I used). Here’s the quick recipe:

Chia berry pudding

(1 serving, approx. 390 calories)

3 Tbs chia seeds
¾ cup almond milk (or whatever milk you like)
½ banana
½ cup diced strawberries
1 Tbs chocolate peanut butter (like this)

Mix the chia seeds and milk in a microwavable bowl, and stir several times over 8-10 minutes (giving it time to set into a gel consistency).

Add the banana in small pieces, the strawberries and chocolate peanut butter, and microwave on high for 1 minute.

Mash everything around so the banana gets softened and the peanut butter mixes in.Enjoy!

If my recipe wasn’t risqué enough for you, there’s still more seediness in the tasty treats put together by my fellow ReDuxers. Just follow the links below:



  1. serena says:

    What a great point: Seeds are so nutritious because they germinate life! And hey…strawberry seeds count too…brilliant!

  2. Clearly I need to get some chia into my life! Loving the double dose of seeds from the strawberries – I feel like I’m getting a birthday day gift every week with my CSA share :)

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