Foodie Penpals: Time to run for my breakfast!

It’s the end of the month, and that means: Foodie Penpal reveal day!

For November, I sent a box to Anna of Be Healthy, Well & Inspired and received a box from Rona of BerryMorins Bit & Tips. I wonder if Rona read my Run For Your Breakfast post about runners loving pancakes, because she sent me a box full of flapjack-y goodness that I will gladly snarf down after the many long runs coming up in marathon training.

In this month’s box I got a batch of pancake mix and some sweet squishy blueberry jam to put on top, all from Stonewall Kitchens. Thanks, Rona!

Here is the part where I’d usually give you the details and directions for joining next month’s Foodie Penpals, but we’re doing things a little differently in December. Lindsay has asked that instead of buying treats for another Penpal, that we plow that $15-25 into relief efforts still ongoing after Hurricane Sandy.

So next month, I’ll be donating to our designated charity, New York Cares. From their website:

New York Cares is on the frontlines of disaster relief, working around the clock to bring post-Hurricane Sandy aid where it is needed most. In the weeks following the storm, we have deployed thousands of volunteers to the hardest hit neighborhoods, distributing hot meals and warm coats, helping local social service agencies get back up and running, and mucking out homes that were ravaged by the storm.

But our work didn’t start when the waters rose, and it won’t stop when the headlines have faded…. Now, for as long as it takes, we bring hurricane relief and restoration to our suffering neighbors.”

You can join but contributing through Lindsay’s website, starting on Monday. If you’d like to If you’d like to participate in January, go to The Lean Green Bean and sign up after December 18th.

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  1. Rona says:

    It just so happens that we’re huge pancake fans. I usually make them from scratch but when I can’t I love Stonewall Kitchen mixes.
    My husband also used to date a long distance runner and mentioned pancakes so I thought that would be a safe bet.
    And being from Maine we love Blueberries!
    I hope you enjoy it.

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