Recipe ReDux: Vintage Side Dishes Made New

Let’s be real: Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes.

Everyone gets their tailfeathers in a twist, fussing over how to prepare the perfect centerpiece turkey. But you and I and our closest internet friends all know it’s the green bean casserole, the sweet potatoes, and some version of cranberries (tube-form, chutneyed, etc) that bring people to the table.

This month’s Recipe ReDux theme cuts to the chase, bypassing the bird and going straight for the sides. The group was asked to reinvent a classic family side dish, keeping the flavor but maybe adding in some more healthy attributes.

Even though I’m on the side of side dishes, I wasn’t able to pull something off in time to post my own recipe. Maybe I’m just too invested in our low-fuss tradition of doing Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant to think about cooking myself.

Our first non-traditional traditional Thanksgiving, 4 years ago

But there are nearly 50 bloggers who brought a side dish to the Recipe ReDux table this November, many of which span beyond the boundaries of typical American Thanksgiving. You should go check out their creations via the links below!

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