ATX Training: Make up your mind!

For an impatient, decisive, Type A personality, I sure have trouble making up my mind.

All during training for the PVD marathon this spring, I swore that would be the only one. That lasted about a month, then some Crazy Switch got flipped in my brain and I decided another go at running the 26.2 was a great idea.

So I planned on using one of Hal Higdon’s 18-week training plans, but then I joined Run Your BQ and switched to a higher mileage, strength-intensive 16-week plan. And then I won a custom training plan from Jason Fitzgerald, which is a lot like the RYBQ plan but has me flailing up & down hills and back & forth with strides a lot more often.

But now I’ve got weeks 1 and 2 of training under my (fuel) belt, so there’s no point waffling about whether to fish or cut bait.


Boring details aside, I’ve had a lot of really good workouts in the last two weeks – good long runs, quick fartleks, not-yet-mind-numbing strength workouts. Granted, there’s also been some ridiculous running thanks to the weather: I had to fight to stay upright in Sandy’s early winds, then slip-slid around in our first snow.

So I’m locked in, ready to roll, heading for 30+ mile weeks from here on out. That is, as long as my hamstrings have made up their minds to accompany me. But that’s a story for another recap…

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