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Race pre-cap: my fueling plan for upcoming halfathon

Don’t care about running, glycogen stores, or electrolyte replenishing? Feel free to bail now, and drop by next week when we return to our regularly scheduled theme-recipe programming.

But if you’re one of the many people who reach my blog searching for information on “what to eat before a half marathon” and “how to eat during a half marathon,” this post may interest you. Consider this a pre-cap of a half marathon, because I’m going to talk about what I plan to do, nutrition-wise, to prepare for an upcoming race (Amica Newport, Oct. 16).

Big caveat: I am not an RD (nor an MD, or PhD, etc), and I am certainly not an RD specializing in sports nutrition. I have run a grand total of 1 half marathon, so I’m not even an expert in that. The plan I’m describing is for my own personal requirements, and is derived from the wisdom of more-experienced people. Two highly recommended resources that I’ve found invaluable are Matt Frazier’s No Meat Athlete (including his half marathon roadmap) and RD Nancy Clark’s book “The Sports Nutrition Guidebook.”

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Sidebar: Half Marathon

Thirteen point one, baby! I ran my first half marathon today, and I’m still grinning like an idiot about it. Not only did I finish, but I managed to do it in just under two minutes (wishful thinking, I meant hours; official time 1:56:26). And not only that, but the whole Team Flail (my friends Adam, Drew, Matt, John plus me) finished in under two – well under, in Drew’s case.

Go Team Flail!

This post doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the usual food and nutrition stuff I write about, but I will share a little of how I ate pre-, during- and post-race. If you want to indulge me, head on past the jump here. If you don’t, bail now and come back later this week for some tasty usualness.

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