Weeks of the Month: Favorite posts from Octobers

Man, that summer went fast, huh? It’s already leaf-peeping and pumpkin-eating time in my 12-day series featuring the best of ETW from each month, because we’re up to October.


Oh hey, look, I was blogging in October last year! I came back from my impromptu break to talk a whole lot about running: a 10k in Minnesota, a 5K in Maine, and the Lynch-Banana family race in Cambridge.

I did set aside the Sauconys a few times, though, to talk about things like the slowcooker Recipe ReDux where I made some chipotle avocado cornbread (who knew? you can do that in a slowcooker).


Another successful October, Recipe ReDux-wise, because I came up with what is still one of my favorite recipes for the Orange You Glad It’s Fall theme – roasted butternut squash stuffed with cinnamon-infused barley, apricots & carrots.

Less successful: my attempt at the inaugural Runner’s World half marathon. That marked the first time I had a not-sub-2:00 finish, which would have crushed my soul if not for the fact that it checked another state off my Race in 50 States list.


In October 2011, we went headlong into the fall seasonal theme and featured pumpkin recipes (including my pumpkin yogurt dip for waffle sticks) in Recipe ReDux.

That month made me 2 for 3 on successful running Octobers (2012 was bunk; 2011 was prolific), because I ran the Newport half marathon & improved on my previous PR by roughly 4 minutes.

Months of the Week: Favorite September posts

Whoops, guess we were too busy learning about maple sugaring yesterday for me to post the 9th in my 12-day series featuring the best of ETW from each month. But let’s jump back on the horse here with my favorite posts from Septembers.


Aaaaand still nothing. This past September is when we finally moved into our new house, Miles started at a new school, and food bloggery was still far from the front of my mind.


For September 2012 Recipe ReDux, we were talking bugs – beneficial probiotics in fermented foods, that is. I featured a recipe for sweet potatoes with eggs, salsa, and fermented jalapenos.

That month was also a good one for running – I wrote about the running-pancake connection (a post that gets a lot of traffic searching for Ryan Hall’s recipe), and I ticked off another state on my Race in 50 States list when I hustled with the lemons in Connecticut.


One of my all-time favorite recipes – a simple kale smoothie – was featuring in Kale Week during September 2011. That smoothie is still one of my favorite ways to sneak leafy greens into a certain someone’s diet.

In response to a lot of traffic searching for “what to eat before/during a half marathon,” I threw together a quick summary of how I have fueled before the 13.1 on several occasions. Because science, and running.

Months of the Week: Favorite August posts

What I wouldn’t give for a hit of August’s swelter – we’ve got approximately 400 billion pounds of snow on the ground still, and high temps just barely above freezing are “warm.” So let’s pretend it’s summer for a minute & look at the best August posts I could find in the archives, as part of my 12-day series.


Well, nope. I was busy not-blogging in August last year, so this turns up another goose egg.


If you can keep up with the watering during summer’s hottest month, August is often a time of rewards from your garden investments; so in 2012, I was looking for recipes to use up our home-garden bounty. August was also a month wherein I was thinking alot about feeding my kid at the bar, and then trying to figure out what the grownups would have for lunch.

Team Flail sent off one of our own the only way runners know how – by making everyone run a 10k.


No running posts on ETW during August 2011 – apparently I was too busy doing product-review posts. But in the food-related archive, I found another one of my favorite Missing Week posts that featured a raft of fiber-ful recipes and me inside a colon.

Months of the Week: Favorite posts from July

Fireworks, free time, and food bloggery – it’s July’s turn in my 12-day series featuring the best ETW posts from each month.


Goose egg! Last July was the start of a dry spell here on ETW, and I didn’t manage to post a darn thing that month.


So we have to go back another year to find some July foodery. This post about Shortcut Recipes reminds me that I have a problem with half-assing things, insofar as I stubbornly avoid the easy way even when it would be in my best interest. Type A much?

More July-based self-discovery, as a running-related post has made me realize that summer is just not my thing, running-wise. In 2012, as in other years, I struggled on most every July run thanks to post-marathon de-conditioning and a failure to pull back on marathon-level fueling.


The year prior in July, I wasn’t yammering about running. Just several food-related posts wherein I said hello to some strangers and mixed up nice & naughty versions of a summer drink for Recipe ReDux.

Looking at that photo now, however, I’m wondering if I expected folks to chew their drink, what with that absurd amount of melon crammed in.

Months of the Week: June – made it halfway

Half a year gone by in just 6 days! Must be some kind of record. Here’s a recap of the best ETW posts from Junes gone by, as part of a 12-day series I’m writing.


Maybe not my most engaging writing (the Red Fruit District? really?), but still a solid recipe that I posted for June 2013’s Recipe ReDux using not one but two kinds of seeds in a breakfast pudding recipe.

Possibly more amusing from that month: my advice on de-improving your half marathon times after the Covered Bridges Half Marathon did not go as well as I’d hoped.


Wow, June 2012 was the month of All Things BlogSocial, apparently. I did my first Foodie PenPals swap, was invited to join Cooking Light’s Blogger Connection, and celebrated Recipe ReDux’s successful first year. Outside the blogosphere, I was mostly thinking about camp lunches for ETW Jr.

Thankfully, perhaps, for those of you who are the “only when a bear is chasing me” types, I mostly shut up about running because I had to cool it after having some sinus surgery.


June several years ago was a busy one on ETW, with posts including the inaugural Recipe ReDux and some ideas on what the heck to do with all that zucchini. But the post that rises to the top for me is Nut Butters week, wherein I demonstrated how that crazy whirling gremlin in the food processor eventually can be tamed into something smooth and edible.

Months of the Week: Favorite May posts

May I bend your ear to share some of my favorite ETW posts from Mays gone past? Because we’re up to day (month?) 5 in my 12-day series highlighting ETW’s best from each calendar month.


Life got in the way of blogging during May last year, as I was furiously PAINTING ALL THE THINGS to get our house ready to go on the market. But I did manage to share what I learned about how stupidly easy it is to regrow edible plants from food scraps. Who knew?


But I guess new discoveries in the month of May are a trend, because I had an “aha” moment in 2012 when I learned you can stir-fry lettuce leaves and even grill whole (halved) heads when writing up Lettuce Week a couple years ago. We also went underwater in our pursuit of green leaves for a Recipe ReDux focused on using sea vegetables; I threw together some tomato, clam & seaweed soup.

May 2012 was heeyuge for me, running-wise – I finished my first marathon along with (significantly slower than) Team Flail.


Things got a little adulterous in May of 2011 when I tried to stay true to my avocado vows, but got seduced by the discovery that you can turn those green beauties into chocolate mousse.

Fidelity just wasn’t my thing that May, because I strayed again from food-and-nutrition posts with a running-related writeup about my first half marathon.

Months of the Week: Favorite posts from April

No foolin’, it’s April’s turn in my 12-day series recapping the best of each month’s posts on ETW.


One of the best results from this recap series is that it’s putting some neglected recipes back on my mental front burner, like the orange chocolate chia bars I made for Recipe ReDux or the chia breakfast pudding I whipped up for Low Wheat Week.

However, April last year was a tough one for the running community and for the city in whose orbit I’ve lived for the past 15 years. That seems like the only running post worth mentioning from that month.


April 2012 was a slower month, food-wise. I missed the “spring shoots” RecipeReDux (but still posted the group’s links), and recycled a recipe when I featured hothouse tomatoes in a post.

The slowdown may have had a little bit to do with this.

That would be the most spectacular running injury I’ve sustained thus far, thanks to some tree roots during a 20-miler in training for my first marathon.


Another case of Current Me re-relearning from Past Me – I’ve fallen off the meal-freezing bandwagon in the last year or so, but this post from April several years ago reminds me how helpful that practice is.

In April that year, I also had one of my favorite Missing Week posts, nudging everyone toward higher potassium consumption with recipes like my pasta with spinach, tomatoes & clams.

Months of the Week: Favorite posts from March

In like a lion, out like a lamb – March is the focus of today’s post as part of my 12-day series recapping the best of each month’s posts on ETW.


I’m not sure why a New Englander was so focused on a tropical fruit during March (which is not even close to feeling like spring), but last year I seemed to have a banana fixation. Witness: Broiler Week where I made a warm-and-cool treat out of broiled mango & frozen banana, and a post dedicated to recipes using overripe bananas.

Also in March last year, I started training for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon (which I eventually ran – albeit slowly – to tick Vermont off my Race In 50 States list).


Wow, what lit a fire under my butt in March two years ago? It was pretty prolific, with posts including Cauliflower Week, a post where Miles picked out new recipes to try, and the Recipe ReDux Cabot Cheese contest which my tart cherry bread pudding eventually won!

I was also running my mouth about running that March. While training for the Cox Rhode Races marathon, I covered a chunk of the Boston Marathon route with Portia; and I had several co-Flails that month, although not all of those elicited endorphin-fueled mood boosts.


March 2011 reads a lot like a blogger still trying to get her feet under her. But there were a couple posts I still find interesting, like the first time I tested recipes from Cooking Light’s Superfast collection, and Leaf Week featuring the bok choy & shrimp soup recipe I kind of wish I could still eat (what with the vegetarian thing, and all).

Months of the Week: Favorite February posts

Time for month #2 in my 12-day series recapping the best of each month’s posts on ETW! Despite February being the shortest month of any year, I managed to crank out a good deal of foodie bloggery over the last few years:


Thanks to this post, I just remembered that February is national heart health month. Open that up & learn all about how chocolate, nuts, berries, and more can keep your ticker & pipes chugging along full steam.

February 2013 is also when I ran, then hobbled, then ran the Austin Marathon, my second go-round with the 26.2.


There are Important Sportsballs Events in February, I guess, which must be why I was posting about salsa recipes. Of course, I see no reason why you can’t enjoy those at times other than curling season.

Two years ago in February, I was also blathering on about training for my first marathon, which included some co-running with Team Flail. Nothing particularly insightful in that post, but I still crack up when I see this picture.


Two of my favorite posts come from February 2011: Souper Week, which featured the rainbow veggie pasta soup I love & Tim does not; and my first Missing Week post, focusing two-fer recipes combining fruits and vegetables, aiming at bumping up Americans’ pretty pitiful daily servings of those food groups.

While I’d love to be optimistic and say our collective eating habits have improved in the two years since that Missing Week post, the realist in me says you should probably still go read it & get some ideas.

Months of the Week: Favorite January posts

Today I’m going to kickoff a 12-day series where I’ll feature past ETW posts from each of the 12 months. Let’s get started at the New Year with the best from Januaries past!


It was the best of times, it was… barely 28 days ago. So maybe my Nooks & Crannies Waffle week is still top of mind; we certainly still have those chocolate chip PB banana waffles in heavy rotation at our house.



For the January Recipe ReDux challenge last year, I came up with what is still one of my favorite slow-cooker recipes: BBQ tempeh chili.

Last January was also when I penned one of my favorite running posts, the alternative winter running gear guide. If you want to see some super flattering pictures of me in tattered green pants, head right over.


The Recipe ReDux spurred another of my favorite posts from Januaries past, wherein I put avocado sauce, salsa, eggs and corn bread to good use in an Eggs BeneMex recipe.

Hard to believe it, but two years ago in January I was just starting training for my first marathon and appropriately freaking out about it in this post.


And now we’re back to where it all began, because my very first ETW post – about brunch, and blogging, and chocolate chip banana scones – was in January three years ago.