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Junior Week: Take your family to the bar

If you build it, they will come. But if you plate it, they may not eat it.

Anyone who has fed a young kid knows the dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) plate can be a battlefield. I’ve certainly tried many tips and tricks during my nearly-6-year-old’s History of Eating Things to defuse the power struggles and food refusals. But I’ve had a hard time putting one such techniques in play: letting a child serve themselves instead of “plating” their food (selecting and presenting all the food for them).

I was convinced he’d never eat a vegetable again.

That shot of green is kale

Surely, there was no way he could figure out measuring ingredients or portions for himself.

And the odds of him enjoying what amounts to being made to do work? Slim to none.

See the grin behind his arm?

Well, experiences like the make-your-own-smoothie bar we recently did are making me change my tune. Head past the jump to read why.

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The Week, Jr., heads to camp (and so does his lunch)

When the school year ends, the days heat up and many a parent is so excited that it also means the end of lunch-packing season. We guardians of growing scholars all get some enjoyment from fortifying them. But meticulously filling the ol’ lunch box with healthy, travel-worthy and kid-approved foods, night after night (or frantic two-minutes-until-the-bus morning after morning) can wear on anyone’s last nerve after 40-odd weeks.

So we enjoy a respite from the lunch box. Until, that is, summer day camp rolls around and you’re back with your head in the poorly stocked fridge, wondering whether a baggie of coconut shavings can pass for a snack (answer: not really).

That’s where I found myself, anyway – unprepared and slightly unwilling to face the return to duty. But the additional challenge of packing peanut-free everything spurred me to do a little recipe and menu hunting, and I thought there may be a few other back-to-packing guardians who could benefit from what I found (after the jump).

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