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Meat CSA for February

Folks, start your recipe-search engines. I picked up this month’s meat CSA share from Stillman’s farm today, and now I’m seeking tasty uses for the chicken breasts, ground beef and several pork chops:

The chicken breasts are a no-brainer, and I have several pork chop recipes tucked away from the search related to last month’s CSA. The ground beef might take some work, though; I guess burgers are the easiest choice, but I feel there must be a pasta sauce or a casserole out there just begging for this beef.

I also picked up a carton of their eggs. It was in no small part because I (finally) watched Food Inc this week and was reminded how awful industrial livestock production can be. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. For me, it reaffirmed our efforts to increasingly buy the animal products we eat from farms like Stillman’s.

Meat CSA week

Everyone ready for a 180? Last week, I waxed poetic about legumes and featured a slew of vegetarian-friendly dishes. This week, it’s all about the meat we received in our share from Stillman’s farm meat CSA.

Slowcooker rosemary garlic chicken thigh, with sweet potatoes & veggies

I realize that meat is a major fork in the road toward food-related harmony, so let me first describe where I’ve set up my road-side stand. I eat meat from hooved, winged, and sea-faring animals. While I’m not a vegetarian, roughly 2/3 of my meals are plant-centric and meat-free. I appreciate that a meat-free diet has health and environmental benefits and can provide optimal nutrition, recognizing that supplements are usually required to achieve recommended intakes of several nutrients (such as vitamin B12) that are difficult to obtain from plant-derived foods alone. I agree that, on a societal level, we should be eating less meat and sourcing the meat we do eat from small-scale, integrated producers (as Simon Fairlie argues in his recent book).

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