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A Great(ist) Week: Trying out 12-minute recipes from Greatist

A few more times than I’d like to admit, the hunt for something quick and easy to eat has taken me down a path ending with snacking straight out of a cereal box. Not only does that violate a lot of Nutrition Nerd Rules, it’s really not very satisfying. So when I came across Greatist’s list of 52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less, I was game to give a week’s worth a try.

Loaded sweet potato from Greatist's 52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less

I picked seven recipes from the list of 52, and clocked how long it took to prepare them. Curious which ones beat the clock and if they all hit the mark for tastiness? Head past the jump.

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Junior Week: Miles picks 7 from Babble’s 50 Best Recipes for Kids

After stumbling across Babble’s 50 Best Recipes for Kids, I figured it was time to let Eating The Week, Jr., take a crack at a week’s worth of recipes. Not the cooking – no 5-yo has the patience for 12-hour chicken soup – but the menu selection and taste-testing were all up to him.

As background: Miles is right in the middle of the picky-to-adventurous eater spectrum. He loves kale smoothies, but won’t touch broccoli with a ten-foot pole. He snarfs down plenty of fruit every day, but getting protein from sources other than cheese can be a challenge. In general, he’s interested in trying new foods, so it didn’t take too much encouragement to get Miles to pick 7 interesting choices from the Babble recipe list.

Want to see what he picked, and how they scored on the 10-point Jr. and Mom scales? Head past the jump

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Polenta Week: Hurricane Corn

She’s heeeeeeere.

The outermost bands of Tropical Storm Bite Me, East Coast (aka Irene) just rolled into our town, bringing a soft, steady rain that portends much worse to come. Although I’m still not 100% sure where our flashlights are (actually, do we even own more than one?), I hope we’ve prepared enough to face the onslaught. My mettle was already tested earlier this week, as I stared down the threat posed by… THIS:

Polenta with beans and goat cheese

I know, you’re thinking the sudden drop in barometric pressure has addled my brain; I’m certainly not suggesting that bowl is anything comparable to Irene. But my point is that this week’s theme ingredient – polenta – does have a reputation for malice. In almost any recipe, you’ll see lots of warnings about bubbling, spurting polenta leaping out of the pot in an attempt to singe your skin. It’s nailed me a couple times when I wasn’t using an adequately long-handled spoon.

But overall, we’ve otherwise maintained a wary but uneventful kitchen relationship. If you need help easing your fears of polenta, the folks at America’s Test Kitchen have a great how-to video. Many recipes call for the pre-cooked polenta you simply cut into slices, anyway, and that’s never tried to maim me. So I feel safe in recommending this week’s worth of corny recipes (which you’ll find after the jump).

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Twisting the Week away

We’re fairly adventurous eaters at Chez ETW, but apparently we are anything but creative cooks:

Me: “I’m doing a ‘twists on old classics’ theme for Eating the Week, but I’m drawing a blank for an original recipe. Can you think of anything we make that fits that?”

Tim: substantial silent pause. “Sometimes we microwave-steam vegetables for stir fry?”

So… this is not going to be a post presenting any madcap, winsome, inventive recipe that originated from our own kitchen. But I’m happy to highlight many other folks who are exceptionally skilled at turning the tried-and-true into something tasty and new.

First up: Peanut-butter sushi, from Peanut Butter & Co via Serious Eats (here).

Our son likes conventional (seaweed-and-fish) sushi and maki rolls, but I don’t have anything like the skills or patience required to make them at home. Lucky for me, a few basic household ingredients can be squished together, rolled up and cut into a cute take on sushi.

Interested in new twists on meatloaf, pizza, lasagna and more? Head past the jump.

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A well-rounded Week: pizza!

Something about the term “home cook” has always seemed a little weird to me, in the same way that I find the “conventional” label for non-organic food to be ridiculous, as if the way people grew food for hundreds of year in the pre-petrochemical age was unconventional. My reservations aside, though, I am decidedly a home cook – I know what I know thanks to family and friends (counting Teh Internets among the latter), and not due to any formal training.

Because I’m largely winging it in the kitchen, I’ve frequently been intimidated by skills, techniques, and recipes that look way above my paygrade. Among those things that seemed like dark arts and magic fairy wands to me: making pizza from scratch.

Barbeque veggie pizza, ready for the oven

The “putting stuff on the crust and baking it” part wasn’t scary, but I was clueless about making the dough. We spent many years buying those pre-made crusts from the store; while they were passable, we eventually got bored with what amounted to stuff topping a big cracker (Tim’s description). All that changed, however, when our friends the Mitchegosses brought their cheek-squeezingly cute kid and pizza-making skills to our house:

What wizardry was this?! Is Tyler a warlock?

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