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Review & Giveaway: The Good Bean’s roasted chickpea snacks & bars

Have you ever fallen into a protein rut? Ever since a sports dietitian encouraged me to boost the protein quotient in my meals and snacks, I’ve been gravitating to the same handful of foods – nuts/nut butters, eggs, canned beans & dairy – to work in those intricately arranged amino acids. And they’re great, don’t get me wrong, but variety got lost somewhere along the way.

Luckily, variety got scooped up & put to work by Berkeley-based The Good Bean, who recently sent me a bunch of their roasted chickpea snacks and fruit & no-nut bars!

Good Bean products

The roasted chickpea snacks come in four flavors – Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt, Smoky Chili & Lime, and Sweet Cinnamon – that run the gamut from sweet to kick-in-the-tongue spicy. They have a light texture, a decent crunch and just a bit of softness to them. I especially like the zing of the Cracked Pepper, while our 6-year-old asked, unprompted, to try the Sweet Cinnamon & enjoyed it.

The fruit & no-nut bars mix those little beans with some fun ingredients like apricot & coconut, cranberries & pumpkin seeds, or dark chocolate & berries. They’re a not-too-big size and have a pleasing dense chewiness.

Good Bean chickpeas and bar

All their products have a lot of “no” that people can say yes to: no gluten, no nuts, no GMOs, no hexane (wait, what?).  And the best part – Good Bean’s chickpeas and bars have 5-7g of protein per serving, so my post-run muscles get a new shipment of parts to use for rebuilding.

The good folks at The Good Bean (I’ve been waiting giddily through this whole post to write that) have offered sampler packs – 3 chickpea snacks plus 2 bars – to three lucky ETW readers. Winners can choose which varieties they’d like, or The Good Bean can send you a mix of their most popular flavors. Want to meet these tasty little beans? Head past the jump for details!

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Giveaway: Coupons for Siggi’s skyr (yogurt) and more

I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to yogurt, so I’m pretty confident that Siggi’s Icelandic-style yogurt (skyr) is one of the best out there.


Skyr is a strained yogurt (we tend to call them all “Greek yogurt,” but this recipe’s Icelandic in origin) that is thick and full of good bugs (probiotic, in the lingo). What I like about Siggi’s compared with most other strained yogurt brands is they rely on natural flavorings and don’t dump a ton of extra sugar in. So you get a rich, tasty yogurt, a big hit of protein, and no 17-syllable ingredients.

My recent Twitter-fawning about Siggi’s mixed with almond butter caught the eye of Icelandic Milk & Skyr Co., who then sent me a bunch of coupons for their products. I have three sets of 2 coupons each – one good for a free 3.5 oz cup of Siggi’s skyr, and one good for $1 off any Siggi’s product (single-serve probiotic drink excluded) – to give away to ETW readers. If you’d like a chance to get a set, head past the jump for details!

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Giveaway: America’s Favorite Food cookbook

If you’re one of those people (ok, *I’m* one of those people) who can’t put down their phone long enough to read a book, then this giveaway is for you! – sister site to Cooking Light and several other food magazines – recently published their America’s Favorite Food cookbook, featuring 200 of the top-rated recipes from the site and embedded with Scan-It/Cook-It features that bring you enhanced content through your smart phone. To quote the blurb Cooking Light sent me:

“New SCAN-IT/COOK-IT™ technology allows readers to scan more than 130 vibrant, full-color photographs, with the Digimarc Discover app (free to download; available on iTunes and Google Play) to access features including: How-To Videos, Expert Answers, Weeknight Meal Planners, Collections of Similar Recipes, Shopping Lists, and more.”

I gave it a try and found all sorts of additional content linked to – for example, I scanned a photo of quinoa-stuffed chiles and the app pulled up 13 more suggested recipes using quinoa. My anti-quinoa husband would be thrilled. And if you’re more into paper than pixels, the nearly 300-page cookbook is still full of recipes and information to keep you busy.

The folks at Cooking Light have sent me 1 copy of MyRecipes America’s Favorite Food to give away to one lucky ETW reader. Want to put your name in the proverbial hat and get cooking? Head past the jump for details!

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Giveaway: Tim Woodbury’s Running Recipes

Did you read my review of Tim Woodbury’s Running Recipes: Chia-Powered Sole Food and think, “How can I try my hand at some of those tasty recipes?”

Well, you can either follow this link & shell out $19.90 for the ebook that includes a brief overview of chia and 21 recipes that put it to tasty use (seven each for breakfast, entrées and dessert), or you can enter my giveaway & possibly get it for free! Tim has offered a free download code to 1 lucky ETW reader, so you could be mixing up some coconut lime iskiate bars before you know it.

The giveaway will be open until Friday June 1 at 5:00 pm EDT. I will chose one entry at random using the generator at by 9pm on Friday.

To enter, just leave me a comment saying whether you’ve tried chia seed before.

And if you want to earn some extra entries, you can do any or all of the following:

  • Follow @midpackrunner (Tim) on Twitter, then tweet me about it so I know you did. Something like “Hey @eatingtheweek, I’m following @midpackrunner for a chance to get Running Recipes!”
  • Like Midpack Runner on Facebook, and leave me a comment here saying you did.
  • Post a link to the funniest chia pet photo you can find on Teh Internets in a comment below.

Thanks for entering & good luck!

Disclosure: Affiliate links above will earn me a portion of any resulting Running Recipes sales. The giveaway item was provided by Tim Woodbury at no cost to me.

App Review & Giveaway: LaLa Lunchbox for your hungry little monsters

Do you like being told what to eat? How about having someone else pick your meals for you, without your input? And then maybe getting chided when you didn’t eat everything someone else thought you should? When I think about it from the kids’ point of view, it’s no wonder school lunches can be a battleground for many families.

But an iOS app called LaLa Lunchbox seeks to change that by empowering kids to stock their own lunchboxes.

The premise is pretty simple. Kids can set up their own “lunchbox” in the app, choosing the monster and color they want to represent them.

When they open their lunchbox, it will display a week’s worth of meals to plan. For each day, kids can tap one of the four food categories – Fruits, Vegetables, Protein and Snacks – and then swipe their choices from the bottom menu bar into the hungry orange monster’s mouth to populate their lunchbox.

Head past the jump to hear about customizing and organizing grocery lists, and how to enter my promo code giveaway.

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Recipe ReDux Cabot Cheese contest: What’s the universe got against bread pudding?

The universe apparently has something against bread pudding.

Although I don’t have any scientific data to support this claim, I’ve got plenty of anecdotal evidence. Consider, if you will, what happened after I received samples of Cabot’s 50% and 75% reduced fat cheddar cheeses to try in their “It’s New to You” recipe contest (which includes a giveaway for ETW readers; read down to the end).

Shortly after the blocks of cheddary tastiness arrived, I set aside a day to work on a bread pudding recipe incorporating an intriguing fruit I hadn’t used before: tart (Montmorency) cherries.

But barely 48 hours before designated Cheese and Cherry day, I got whacked with a head cold. Not a big deal, right? Except that I got so congested, I completely lost my sense of taste. Thankfully, the decongestant arsenal I aimed at my sinuses did the trick, so I then headed to the grocery store, picked out all my ingredients, was all rung up… and realized my wallet was at home, on my couch. Very funny, universe.

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Giveaweek: Chatting up Funky Monkey Snacks, plus a giveaway

Whoa, time certainly got away from me this week. I hope my last-minute notice meant many of you could join the Funky Monkey Snacks Twitter chat using hashtag #HealthyKids at 3pm Eastern Tuesday.

Pink Pineapple Funky Monkey

I’m a big fan of Funky Monkey, and it’s great that they host a kid-centric chat on healthy food. Here’s what I like about their products: Funky Monkey snacks are inventive fruit combinations, freeze-dried to intensify the flavor and retain all the nutrients. They’re GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, tree-nut-free, and contain no added sugars, colors, flavors or preservatives. Several of their products include some or entirely organic ingredients. They come in seven varieties, including Applemon (apple and organic cinnamon), JiveALime (pineapple and lime juice), and Carnaval Mix (organic banana, pineapple, apple and papaya).

The company recently sent me samples of their Pink Pineapple flavor (pictured earlier), and I can confirm that Miles and I give it two prehensile tails up. And if you’d like to get in on the crispity, crunchity fun, the folks at Funky Monkey Snacks have offered to give away one sampler of their tasty, crunchy dried-fruit snacks to one lucky ETW reader. Head past the jump for details!

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Giveaway: Celebrating 1 year of ETW with Funky Monkey Snacks

Bust out the cake, it’s 1st birthday time!

It's a little early to be a grumpy old man, Miles.

No, not for him – that happened several years ago already, which I still can’t entirely wrap my head around. Instead, today marks the one-year anniversary of our inaugural trip in the S.S. Eating The Week, a year full of recipes, food, trial & error, nutritional insights, and me yammering about running.

If it weren’t for readers like you, I would just be a crazy person talking to myself about smoothies via an internet connection. To say thanks for making me look normal, I’ve partnered with the prehensile-tailed folks at Funky Monkey Snacks (kidding! But they do have some nifty opposable thumbs) to give away one sampler of their tasty, crunchy dried-fruit snacks to one lucky ETW reader.

You may remember these from a giveaway last year. To recap: Funky Monkey snacks are inventive fruit combinations, freeze-dried to intensify the flavor and retain all the nutrients. They’re GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, tree-nut-free, and contain no added sugars, colors, flavors or preservatives. Several of their products include some or entirely organic ingredients. They come in seven varieties, including Applemon (apple and organic cinnamon), JiveALime (pineapple and lime juice), and Carnaval Mix (organic banana, pineapple, apple and papaya).

To enter the giveaway, visit Funky Monkey’s website and leave me a comment here about which flavor you’d most like to try. Please leave me a way to contact you (email, twitter handle, etc) in case you are selected.

After you’ve done that, here are three more ways to enter, if you want to increase your odds!

  • Follow Funky Monkey Snacks on Twitter and tweet me about it – something like, “Hey @Eatingtheweek I’m following @FunkyMonkeySnck on Twitter for a chance to win a Funky Monkey sampler!”
  • Like Funky Monkey Snacks on Facebook, and leave me a comment on this post to tell me you did.
  • Refer a friend to this post. They need to leave me a comment (which gets them an entry) telling me that you referred them (that gets you another entry).

The giveaway starts today, Friday Jan. 6, and will end on Friday Jan. 13 at 3 pm Eastern time. One entry will be selected at random via’s generator by 9 pm Jan. 13 to receive a sampler from Funky Monkey.

Good luck!

Disclosures: Funky Monkey Snacks is providing the giveaway prize at no cost to me. The opinions I’ve expressed in this post are mine and are not edited, reviewed, or influenced by Funky Monkey Snacks.

Enter today – Funky Monkey fruit snacks giveaway ends at 3 pm EST

A quick note to remind readers that I’m giving away two samplers of Funky Monkey dried fruit snacks. Just leave a comment on this post to get entered! Comments received before 3:00 pm EST today will be eligible. Good luck!

Uncle Sam cereal giveaway: the winner is…

… Sara (aka number 1 out of 3, drawn by’s random-number generator)!

Her comment on my Uncle Sam cereal review earned her a free box of toasty, flax-y, fiber-y goodness from Attune Foods.

Congrats & enjoy!