Running: Pigs Fly and states #15 & #16 are checked off

A few weeks ago, Team Flail flew to Cincinnati to take on the Flying Pig marathon (Andrew) and half marathon (Adam & me). I’ve applied the same speed in getting to this recap that I did in the HM, which is to say I was slow in both!

Thanks to some cranky joints, Adam & I both went for the 13.1 instead of the planned 26.2 But while Adam said he felt over-trained for the HM, I got about 4 miles in and knew I was waaaaay on the other end of that spectrum. Two+ months of being unable to run, except occasionally on the AlterG treadmill, left me walking up hills and finishing in over 2 hours (2:05).

Flying Pig HM Kat Adam


BUT, I was frankly happy just to be able to finish, given all the work I’d done rehabbing my SI joint. And the HM course still allowed me a two-fer in my Race in 50 States quest, because we started in Ohio, crossed the river to Kentucky, then came back to finish in Ohio again. So that means states #15 and #16 are crossed off the list – BOOM.

Race in 50 States map


And that’s all well & good, but I still think Drew’s feat at the Pig was far more impressive – for the second time in a row, he shaved several minutes off his marathon PR. This despite his feet going into revolt before he even hit the 20-mile mark, and having to walk several times. He’s fast, and annoying 😉

Bru in the last 0.2

Bru (white shirt) in the last 0.2

Having covered GA, AZ, NV, OH and KY this year, I’m already at the annual average number of races I figured I need to do by 2025 (my goal deadline to run races in all 50 states). So next up for me, running-wise, is to take on a couple PRs closer to home. I’m running the Level Renner 10K in August to see what I can do at that distance without an injured back, and will likely run the BAA HM in October to chase down the PR I set nearly 3 years ago.

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