Foodie Pen Pals: April – Alabama treats

While putting together my recent Months of the Week series, I came across all the Foodie Pen Pal posts I’d previously done and thought, hey, I should get back into that!

In my first month back, I’ve found that FPPs now swap in pairs (give to & receive from the same person), and I was matched up with Kellie from Alabama. She sent me a box full of goodies from her home state and farther afield, carefully padded with a rainbow’s worth of tissue paper 😉

FPP April

In her note, Kellie told me several of the items were from her neck of the woods, including crackers from her family’s favorite place to eat out (Jason’s Deli), and a selection from Fayette’s local hot sauce & salsa company (I can never get enough salsa!).

FPP April2

Kellie even consulted with her son to decide on what to include for our son, and I can confirm that the fruit leather met with rave reviews from the 7-yo food critic in our house. I’m saving the tea for pre-long-run caffeinating, but I bet those sweet potato & cinnamon crackers aren’t long for this world 😉

FPP April3


Thanks, Kellie, for the great FPP box! It’s a nice way to get back into the swing of this thing; and if you’d like to join us for next month, click the image below.


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