Months of the Week: Last in the series – December posts

Woot! We made it to the end of my 12-day series featuring favorite ETW posts from each month over the years. December is a big month, food- and festivity-wise, so let’s see what I was up to.


Last December, I indulged in a lot of cookies a lot of year-end round-ups, like this post recapping the most important nutrition news in 2013.

And since I spent a lot of time pounding the pavement in 2013, I also recapped my year in running which saw my highest-mileage weeks ever, a couple subpar races, and lots of new states checked off my Race in 50 States List.


Anticipating the annual onslaught of “lose weight in the New Year!” BS, I wrote one of my favorite ETW posts about saying yes rather than no in the New Year. One of those things I thought you should say yes to more often? Magnesium, which I featured in a Missing Week post with a tasty little salad recipe.

Running-related posts were all over the place that December. I’ll blame delirium from reaching the half-way mark in training for the 2013 ATX marathon.


In December 2011, I did a recap of my favorite ETW posts from that year, and it seems ridiculous to recap a recap here. So instead, I’ll point to Trojan Horse week, wherein I used chocolate to sneak some veggies in through the gate.

So there we have it – the last of 12 days featuring each month’s best ETW posts! Now I suppose I should go write some posts to be included in the next recap….

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