Weeks of the Month: Favorite posts from Octobers

Man, that summer went fast, huh? It’s already leaf-peeping and pumpkin-eating time in my 12-day series featuring the best of ETW from each month, because we’re up to October.


Oh hey, look, I was blogging in October last year! I came back from my impromptu break to talk a whole lot about running: a 10k in Minnesota, a 5K in Maine, and the Lynch-Banana family race in Cambridge.

I did set aside the Sauconys a few times, though, to talk about things like the slowcooker Recipe ReDux where I made some chipotle avocado cornbread (who knew? you can do that in a slowcooker).


Another successful October, Recipe ReDux-wise, because I came up with what is still one of my favorite recipes for the Orange You Glad It’s Fall theme – roasted butternut squash stuffed with cinnamon-infused barley, apricots & carrots.

Less successful: my attempt at the inaugural Runner’s World half marathon. That marked the first time I had a not-sub-2:00 finish, which would have crushed my soul if not for the fact that it checked another state off my Race in 50 States list.


In October 2011, we went headlong into the fall seasonal theme and featured pumpkin recipes (including my pumpkin yogurt dip for waffle sticks) in Recipe ReDux.

That month made me 2 for 3 on successful running Octobers (2012 was bunk; 2011 was prolific), because I ran the Newport half marathon & improved on my previous PR by roughly 4 minutes.

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