Months of the Week: Favorite September posts

Whoops, guess we were too busy learning about maple sugaring yesterday for me to post the 9th in my 12-day series featuring the best of ETW from each month. But let’s jump back on the horse here with my favorite posts from Septembers.


Aaaaand still nothing. This past September is when we finally moved into our new house, Miles started at a new school, and food bloggery was still far from the front of my mind.


For September 2012 Recipe ReDux, we were talking bugs – beneficial probiotics in fermented foods, that is. I featured a recipe for sweet potatoes with eggs, salsa, and fermented jalapenos.

That month was also a good one for running – I wrote about the running-pancake connection (a post that gets a lot of traffic searching for Ryan Hall’s recipe), and I ticked off another state on my Race in 50 States list when I hustled with the lemons in Connecticut.


One of my all-time favorite recipes – a simple kale smoothie – was featuring in Kale Week during September 2011. That smoothie is still one of my favorite ways to sneak leafy greens into a certain someone’s diet.

In response to a lot of traffic searching for “what to eat before/during a half marathon,” I threw together a quick summary of how I have fueled before the 13.1 on several occasions. Because science, and running.

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