Months of the Week: Favorite August posts

What I wouldn’t give for a hit of August’s swelter – we’ve got approximately 400 billion pounds of snow on the ground still, and high temps just barely above freezing are “warm.” So let’s pretend it’s summer for a minute & look at the best August posts I could find in the archives, as part of my 12-day series.


Well, nope. I was busy not-blogging in August last year, so this turns up another goose egg.


If you can keep up with the watering during summer’s hottest month, August is often a time of rewards from your garden investments; so in 2012, I was looking for recipes to use up our home-garden bounty. August was also a month wherein I was thinking alot about feeding my kid at the bar, and then trying to figure out what the grownups would have for lunch.

Team Flail sent off one of our own the only way runners know how – by making everyone run a 10k.


No running posts on ETW during August 2011 – apparently I was too busy doing product-review posts. But in the food-related archive, I found another one of my favorite Missing Week posts that featured a raft of fiber-ful recipes and me inside a colon.

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