Months of the Week: Favorite posts from July

Fireworks, free time, and food bloggery – it’s July’s turn in my 12-day series featuring the best ETW posts from each month.


Goose egg! Last July was the start of a dry spell here on ETW, and I didn’t manage to post a darn thing that month.


So we have to go back another year to find some July foodery. This post about Shortcut Recipes reminds me that I have a problem with half-assing things, insofar as I stubbornly avoid the easy way even when it would be in my best interest. Type A much?

More July-based self-discovery, as a running-related post has made me realize that summer is just not my thing, running-wise. In 2012, as in other years, I struggled on most every July run thanks to post-marathon de-conditioning and a failure to pull back on marathon-level fueling.


The year prior in July, I wasn’t yammering about running. Just several food-related posts wherein I said hello to some strangers and mixed up nice & naughty versions of a summer drink for Recipe ReDux.

Looking at that photo now, however, I’m wondering if I expected folks to chew their drink, what with that absurd amount of melon crammed in.

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