Months of the Week: Favorite May posts

May I bend your ear to share some of my favorite ETW posts from Mays gone past? Because we’re up to day (month?) 5 in my 12-day series highlighting ETW’s best from each calendar month.


Life got in the way of blogging during May last year, as I was furiously PAINTING ALL THE THINGS to get our house ready to go on the market. But I did manage to share what I learned about how stupidly easy it is to regrow edible plants from food scraps. Who knew?


But I guess new discoveries in the month of May are a trend, because I had an “aha” moment in 2012 when I learned you can stir-fry lettuce leaves and even grill whole (halved) heads when writing up Lettuce Week a couple years ago. We also went underwater in our pursuit of green leaves for a Recipe ReDux focused on using sea vegetables; I threw together some tomato, clam & seaweed soup.

May 2012 was heeyuge for me, running-wise – I finished my first marathon along with (significantly slower than) Team Flail.


Things got a little adulterous in May of 2011 when I tried to stay true to my avocado vows, but got seduced by the discovery that you can turn those green beauties into chocolate mousse.

Fidelity just wasn’t my thing that May, because I strayed again from food-and-nutrition posts with a running-related writeup about my first half marathon.

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