Months of the Week: Favorite posts from March

In like a lion, out like a lamb – March is the focus of today’s post as part of my 12-day series recapping the best of each month’s posts on ETW.


I’m not sure why a New Englander was so focused on a tropical fruit during March (which is not even close to feeling like spring), but last year I seemed to have a banana fixation. Witness: Broiler Week where I made a warm-and-cool treat out of broiled mango & frozen banana, and a post dedicated to recipes using overripe bananas.

Also in March last year, I started training for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon (which I eventually ran – albeit slowly – to tick Vermont off my Race In 50 States list).


Wow, what lit a fire under my butt in March two years ago? It was pretty prolific, with posts including Cauliflower Week, a post where Miles picked out new recipes to try, and the Recipe ReDux Cabot Cheese contest which my tart cherry bread pudding eventually won!

I was also running my mouth about running that March. While training for the Cox Rhode Races marathon, I covered a chunk of the Boston Marathon route with Portia; and I had several co-Flails that month, although not all of those elicited endorphin-fueled mood boosts.


March 2011 reads a lot like a blogger still trying to get her feet under her. But there were a couple posts I still find interesting, like the first time I tested recipes from Cooking Light’s Superfast collection, and Leaf Week featuring the bok choy & shrimp soup recipe I kind of wish I could still eat (what with the vegetarian thing, and all).

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