Months of the Week: Favorite February posts

Time for month #2 in my 12-day series recapping the best of each month’s posts on ETW! Despite February being the shortest month of any year, I managed to crank out a good deal of foodie bloggery over the last few years:


Thanks to this post, I just remembered that February is national heart health month. Open that up & learn all about how chocolate, nuts, berries, and more can keep your ticker & pipes chugging along full steam.

February 2013 is also when I ran, then hobbled, then ran the Austin Marathon, my second go-round with the 26.2.


There are Important Sportsballs Events in February, I guess, which must be why I was posting about salsa recipes. Of course, I see no reason why you can’t enjoy those at times other than curling season.

Two years ago in February, I was also blathering on about training for my first marathon, which included some co-running with Team Flail. Nothing particularly insightful in that post, but I still crack up when I see this picture.


Two of my favorite posts come from February 2011: Souper Week, which featured the rainbow veggie pasta soup I love & Tim does not; and my first Missing Week post, focusing two-fer recipes combining fruits and vegetables, aiming at bumping up Americans’ pretty pitiful daily servings of those food groups.

While I’d love to be optimistic and say our collective eating habits have improved in the two years since that Missing Week post, the realist in me says you should probably still go read it & get some ideas.

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