For Love of the Week: Farming, Food Culture, & Twitter

There’s a thick layer of neglect-dust on For Love of the Week – a used-to-be-regular round-up of people & things I think are noteworthy in food & nutrition. So exhale sharply before we get going here, & apologies to anyone with some dust allergies.

For this Friday, a few things I’ve been mulling over:

  • Modern Farmer, which I stumbled upon via my husband & this article about straining (HA!) to deal with waste byproducts of the Greek yogurt boon. As someone who eats a vegetarian diet in large part because of its lower environmental impact, and  someone with a cup-a-day strained yogurt habit, that article gave me pause.
  • Soul Food Junkies, Byron Hurt’s documentary on Independent Lens. It’s a non-simplistic portrayal of what food means to cultural identity; how our diets stem from and shape history, culture, politics and family; and how industrial food’s attempts to co-opt tradition “culture-washes” food that ultimately harms health. The most important reminder I got from this is that “wellness” in the context of food isn’t merely biological – an interviewee said, “It’s not good for you. But it is good to you.”
  • Like insightful, acerbic, innovative people & organizations who have stuff to say about sustainable agriculture, food politics & more? Check out the Food & Society list I maintain over at Teh Twitters.

What have you been reading, watching & listening to lately in the world of food? Let me know in the comments!

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