We are all Boston

There are a lot of people saying things better than I could about the awful attack on yesterday’s Boston marathon, so I’ll be brief.

Bib shoes

I wore this bib on my run today with thoughts of the dead, the wounded, the marathoners, the families, the first responders, and all of Boston heavy on my heart.

The Boston area has been my home for nearly 15 years, and running has been my sport for the last 4; but I know we all feel the visceral anguish and fear about evil hitting close to home. We are all parents, kids, friends, colleagues – we are all Boston. And we outnumber evil by a very large margin, which should give us all some hope as we try to start healing from this.

Runners, I hope you have a chance to wear a race shirt with pride and run a few miles with thoughts of those affected. I feel fortunate to have started today that way.

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  1. Awe. I love that bib idea. Great idea for such a terrible event.

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