ATX Training: The carbs before the storm

It’s the night before I attempt the Austin Marathon, and I’ve got one last element of training under my belt: the carb load. And hoo boy, is the aforementioned belt straining. Today I’ve put away 2,600 calories and roughly 570 grams of carbohydrate. What’s that look like?

etw carb load

(Not pictured above: several glasses of orange juice & a green salad I also consumed)

The guidelines I had were to eat a minimum of 7 grams of carbs for each kg of body weight, and ideally more like 10 g/kg. That meant I was aiming for 430-610 grams today, and I managed to do pretty well with ~570 grams. This is way more than I’ve managed before previous races, so we’ll see if it helps me power through the later miles of the marathon.

Now I have a lot of other numbers to obsess about – 4am wake up, stop eating 2 hours before start, park before 6am, try like hell to stay with the 4-hour pace group. I’ll report back sometime after the race & see how the math worked out!

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