ATX Training: Week 8 – When 1/2 doesn’t equal 1/2

People will tell you that the halfway mark of a marathon (13.1 miles) isn’t really halfway – it’s not until you cross the 20-mile mark that the real second half begins. Those last 6.2 miles are supposedly equal in effort and pain to the 20 you’ve already traversed, with an extra helping of psychological breakdown thrown in for good measure.

So it’s with some trepidation that I celebrate a halfway mark in my training for the ATX marathon – finishing up week 8 of my 16-week training cycle. But I do feel like cheering, if even briefly. At almost 40 total miles, this was my highest-mileage week ever! Not even the week where I ran an actual marathon surpasses that.

etw running 121227

And in true marathon fashion, the next half isn’t at all equal to the first. I have a single “cutback” week that includes a 17-miler (not in my definition of an easy week), and then a month of 40+ mile weeks. At least those high-mileage weeks will be doing double duty, because I’m signed up with Team Escapades in January’s Chilly Challenge.

I’m hoping my peak training weeks will help put our team over the top, besting Team Purple Giraffe for a chance to win some running swag. So here’s to the second half – may it be full of 20-milers, reasonable weather, and some free stuff on the way to the two-week-taper finish line!

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