Recipe ReDux: Hit the post-holiday sales with a kitchen gift guide

Are you flush with a little holiday cash? Or maybe that purple chenille “wall art” from Uncle Bert doesn’t quite match the décor & you’re hoping to exchange it for something less… all of that. Have no fear, because you can easily find something to gift yourself from this month’s Recipe ReDux kitchen gadget gift guide.

Since our reveal day was just a few days shy of Christmas, the group decided to each share a favorite kitchen tool and a favorite recipe prepared using that gadget. Even though I’m a day (actually 5) late and a dollar (recipe) short, I didn’t want you to miss the guide (especially now that post-holiday sales are on).

The kitchen tool I’d recommend? Easily my Silpat non-stick baking mat.

They’re made of fiberglass and food-grade silicone, are super non-stick, clean up easily and can handle temperatures anywhere from -40°F to 482°F (-40°C to 250°C). I use mine for all kinds of scones – including banana chocolate chip or double chocolate ginger – but also for cookies, roasting vegetables, and pretty much anything else that goes on a baking sheet. It turns out that they make a version specifically for bread (the Silpain) that I don’t yet have, but I’d love to get my hands on one for pizza-making.

So while I’m shopping around for that Silpain, check out the whole gadget-reviews-and-recipes package put together by my fellow ReDuxers:

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