ATX Training: Deja vu in weeks 5 and 6

The past couple weeks of training for the ATX marathon have been like déjà vu all over again. I ran around, and up and down, doing the same workouts and hitting roughly the same mileage in week 5 as in week 4.

And the other morning, I thought I’d accidentally gone out for my 6-miler in a pair of clown shoes, because I tripped and fell flat on my face, calling to mind that bone-breaking spill I took earlier this year.

Dramatic reenactment (aka Why Kat’s Neighbors Think She’s Nuts)

Thankfully, it wasn’t a full repeat of last time – besides a bruised ego, I came away from the fall largely unscathed. I went on to complete 34 miles in week 6, including yesterday’s 14-miler.

I’ve got another repeat week coming up (there are several of these two-week repeat cycles in my training schedule), but I’m hoping to skip out on the face plant this time.


  1. I am using you to gauge my own training since I am winging it and very loosely following a plan. I went 33.5 miles this week, but I lumped my long run into 2 medium-sized runs (8.5 yesterday and 9 today-whoops). I am trying to get some long runs in over the next 2 weeks since I am pretty sure the holidays are going to get in the way of my training.

    • eatingtheweek says:

      I hear you re: holidays. I was so, so happy to realize that New Year’s Eve falls after my scheduled long run (usually Sunday mornings) and not the night before. If this helps, I’m scheduled next for 34, 39, 39 and 34-mile weeks running 5x/week; then 6x/week plus cross-training day 7 (GAH), and 44, 45, 47 & 47-mile weeks; then 2-week taper.

      • Thanks for sharing! Wow-that is an intense schedule, but maybe if I follow from a distance it will motivate me to do a little more. All I am hoping for is to get through those stupid hills and break 4 hr (or at least come close).

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