ATX Training: Week 4 was full of races

Week four of training for the ATX marathon was race-tastic. Like more than 1,000 other runners, my family lined up at the North Reading Turkey Trot on a cold but sunny Thanksgiving morning.

It was – by a margin of 22 MINUTES – my worst ever 5K time, but it was also my PR for running a 5K carrying a 6-year-old on my back for roughly a mile. But the real point is that this was Miles’s first 5K finish, and the first time my husband has run a race with me. Maybe there’s hope yet that I’ll drag Tim through the 26.2 (I will not, however, be as generous with the piggybacks).

Then we were off to Orlando for a weekend at LegoLand Florida. Somewhere between swapping minifigs with park staff and rolling along the Hilton’s lazy river in innertubes, I ticked Florida off my races-in-50-states list by running the Hot for the Holidays virtual halfathon.

It is ridiculously challenging to find roads around the Greater DisneyTainmentPlex Area that a) aren’t 50+ mph, b) have sidewalks, and c) have more than a 1-foot shoulder next to that bristle brush nonsense they call grass down there. But I found a loop around the hotels and golf course that got me to 12ish miles, and then decided to count the extra 1 I’d accidentally done the prior day to make it 13 (I was on vacation, after all).

Those races, plus a few other workouts, made for a 32-mile week, which I’m going to do all over again here in week 5 (minus the paranoid scanning for alligators during my long run).

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