ATX Training: Week 3 – Those jokers behind me

My legs are some kind of comedians. How else could I explain muscles named ham causing problems for a vegetarian training for a marathon?

Ok, granted, my painful right hamstring probably has more to do with overuse and wonky hip biomechanics than with any nascent comedy career. So I spent a good deal of week 3 working on ways to keep the semitendinosus, semimembranosus and biceps femoris from derailing things in the upcoming 13 weeks before the Austin 26.2.

I ran a little less. I had 29 miles planned this week, but I took an extra rest day and ended up with 25 miles.

I iced down after every run. A couple bags of ice cubes, 5-10 minutes, and things calmed down pretty quickly. Maybe the counterbalancing dachshund compress contributed, too.

I dusted off my foam roller. I run hot & cold on the foam roller: I’ll use it occasionally when I already feel tight or sore, but tend to forget about it when nothing’s really bothering me. So I’m trying to use it at least 5 days a week to see if it helps stimulate some hamstring healing and maybe prevent anything new from cropping up. I’m still not convinced that I’ve got the technique down pat, though.

I added more strength training into the schedule. More clamshells, walking bridges, slow-mo defense side shuffles, and all sorts of ways to get friendly with Therabands – they all got added in to try (again) to strengthen my Greater Hip Area (technical term).

Time will tell if these jokers on the back of my legs quiet down. In the meantime, I’m heading into a 31-mile week that includes a virtual halfathon to tick Florida off my 50-states list when we’re there for a quick Thanksgiving-weekend family trip.

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