Foodie Penpals: Guest post from Katie

A special treat (it is Halloween today, after all) – a guest post from Foodie PenPal participant, Katie Moran. I sent her a box this month, and since she’s a non-blogging reader, she agreed to post her recap here!

Thanks so much to Kat for letting me do a guest blog! My name is Katie and I do not have a blog but love reading them and joined foodie pen pals to meet new people and find new amazing blogs to read like Eating the Week!

I am from San Francisco and love Boston so I was excited to get some goodies from there! First of all she sent me a bunch of snacks when I told her my love for snacks, and first up were these wonderful dry roasted pumpkin seeds! What a wonderful fall snack – slightly salty and organic, right up my alley, perfect for a between lunch and dinner snack to hold me over until dinner. I just try to not finish the bag in one sitting!

Next, she sent me some of her kid’s favorite snacks – these pineapple and apple-banana crisps! These are so light and airy, I just loved them.

I had never tried freeze dried anything so I was not sure what to expect but they were amazing, I wish I could get them here! What a great breakfast snack. All natural, no artificial ingredients or preservatives and they taste yummy, yes please!!! Just like a fruit in chip form, how genius!

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Next up was Nature’s Promise Ginger Slices… I had ginger with sushi and didn’t mind it with the sushi but these candies were a little too spicy for me! My taste buds can’t take any spice but I passed these along to my boyfriend and mom and they loved, loved them!

Lastly was the amazing cereal that was Ezekiel 4:9 almond.

I was always curious to try it but never did. I love almonds and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the flavor! I had it with almond milk and also atop my smoothie and also my Greek yogurt and fruit. I can see why this is Kat’s favorite cereal. So much protein made me eat this at 8am and I was not hungry until lunchtime. I love when that happens! The crunch and nuttiness of the cereal was amazing and I was impressed with how yummy it was. This has definitely been my go to breakfast over the past few weeks!

Kat also sent me this cute handwritten note which I loved!!!

Thanks Kat for sending me such wonderful goodies for my first foodie pen pal!!


  1. Katie Moran says:

    Thank you sooo much Kat for this wonderful box and for letting me put a guest post together! I feel so honored to be a part of your website!!! Thanks again and Happy Halloween!

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