Run for your breakfast week: pancakes

Some people run for the fame and glory, for the break from everyday stresses, for fitness, or just for fun. But many runners are just in it for the pancakes.

Remy said to share it, so I’m sharing. Click image for link to original.

Apparently, pancakes are A Thing with runners. I first clued into this when I saw the Runner’s World image above on Facebook. Then I really got the message with they followed that up with the motherlode – the October RW issue features page after page of their Ultimate Pancake guide.

This topic isn’t exactly on front of mind (or end of fork) for me, as I’m not a frequent flapjack flyer. Your average pancake – flour with some sugar on top – isn’t exactly health food. But then I came back salty, tired and hungry from a recent long run and saw Ryan Hall’s molten chocolate pancake recipe, and figured it was time for my first pancake workout here in the midst of week 7 of training for the Runner’s World half marathon.

I don’t think I quite nailed that recipe, because the middle didn’t ooze chocolatey awesomeness the way it was pictured in the magazine. But that just made it easier to stuff into my face with both hands.

Now maybe you’re not bringing a 900+ calorie deficit along to breakfast, and would like some, say, healthier options. Or maybe you are looking for re-fueling after the long run but still want some nutritious POW from your pancake. Either way, definitely check out RW’s pancake guide: tall and short stacks, homemade and restaurant served, with everything from chocolate to chilies to corn, nuts and berries, or the classic butter and syrup, they’re all there for after you’ve stripped off the Sauconys.

And if you still need more, here’s a week’s worth of miles on a plate:

  • Blueberry ricotta pancakes from Eating Well (here)
  • Carrot cake pancakes from Cooking Light (here)
  • Hearty pancakes with applesauce and raisins from Cooking Light (here)
  • Spelt pistachio pancakes with mango from Em-I-Lis (here)
  • Banana peanut butter oat pancakes from Healthy Happy Life (here)
  • Pumpkin chai pancakes from Family Cookbook Project (here)
  • Sweet potato pecan flapjacks from Cooking Light (here)

I hope this gave the non-runners a little reprieve during another pavement-pounding update. Next time, though, it will probably be all running, all the time, as I get around to discussing this awesome item:

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