Magazine Week: Cooking Light Bloggers’ Connection

If you’ve been hanging around the blog awhile, you may have noticed I’m a fan of Cooking Light. Their creative, tasty, and easy-to-do recipes have been frequent flyers in my regular posts – for example, I tested their Superfast series for speed and tastiness twice in dedicated posts, earning a spot as one of Cooking Light’s Superfast Fans of the Month in 2011.

So I’m pretty excited that Cooking Light asked me to join their Blogger’s Connection and the “conversation about the communal power of great-tasting, healthy food.” To celebrate, I dug up a few CL recipes I’d earmarked to try – coconut oven-baked chicken (which we made with chicken breasts instead of bone-in cuts), and honey-glazed carrots. Miles & Tim liked the chicken fingers paired with sweet Thai chili sauce (Tim) or honey (Miles). And while Tim wasn’t a big fan of the parsley in this dish, the honey-glazed carrots made an appearance on my plate several days in a row.

For those keeping score at home, two recipes don’t get us to the usual week’s worth. To round out the list, I turned to this month’s Cooking Light issue. More accurately, Tim flipped through the issue and found this tasty, easy-to-prepare broiled pineapple sundae which we ate for dessert as well as breakfast (the latter with not-frozen yogurt).

Several more recipes in the June CL issue are on the to-try list at Chez Lynch. Want to give them a spin, too? Here’s the week’s list, all from Cooking Light:

  • Falafel-stuffed eggplant, tahini, tomato relish (here)
  • Grilled caponata salad with grilled flatbreads (here)
  • Pinto, black and red bean salad with grilled corn and avocado (here)
  • Beef soba noodles, spinach, coconut-curry vinaigrette (here)
  • Broiled pineapple sundaes (here)
  • Honey-glazed carrots (here)
  • Oven-fried coconut chicken (here)


  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I did make the Grilled caponata salad with grilled flatbreads – YUM! I am going to go back into the magazine and try out a few more recipes.

  2. Hello from a fellow Blogger’s Connection member! It’s very exciting, isn’t it. I was debating whether to make the Broiled Pineapple Sundae, but seeing your photo has clinched it for me. It’s on the list! Looking forward to working with you and CL.

    • eatingtheweek says:

      Thanks for stopping in! That sundae is super easy – toss the pineapple & spices under the broiler during the last 5 minutes of dinner, and you’re good to go. We didn’t use the macadamia nuts & swapped in graham cracker stix instead.

  3. AmyC says:

    Congrats Kat! Your dishes always look so yummy =)

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