A Great(ist) Week: Trying out 12-minute recipes from Greatist

A few more times than I’d like to admit, the hunt for something quick and easy to eat has taken me down a path ending with snacking straight out of a cereal box. Not only does that violate a lot of Nutrition Nerd Rules, it’s really not very satisfying. So when I came across Greatist’s list of 52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less, I was game to give a week’s worth a try.

Loaded sweet potato from Greatist's 52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less

I picked seven recipes from the list of 52, and clocked how long it took to prepare them. Curious which ones beat the clock and if they all hit the mark for tastiness? Head past the jump.

Breakfast quickie cookie:

  • What is it? Oatmeal, raisins and a few spices, mixed up with egg whites & microwaved into chewy little pucks.
  • Under 12 minutes? Easily
  • Tasty? Definitely. Using a random packet of chocolate oatmeal hanging out in our pantry, Miles & I quickly mixed up a batch & found they’re a fun way to have relatively healthy “cookies” in the morning.

Cold pizza for breakfast:

  • What is it? Basil, tomato and ricotta on whole-wheat toast.
  • Under 12 minutes? Yep, even with the tomato slicing involved.
  • Tasty? I love fresh basil, and have been craving tomatoes lately, so this hit the spot for breakfast.

Loaded sweet potato

  • What is it? Microwaved sweet potato topped with yogurt, beans, honey & paprika.
  • Under 12 minutes? Probably only needed half that much time.
  • Tasty? I think I under-dosed the paprika; but I’ve never met a sweet potato I didn’t like, so this was still a decent lunch.

Green tortilla pizza

  • What is it? Pesto- and veggie-topped tortillas, cooked under the broiler.
  • Under 12 minutes? Not quite, but I made walnut pesto from scratch & chopped all the veggies, which added time.
  • Tasty? Yes, albeit messy – the tortilla didn’t get crisp enough under the toppings, so it was a two-handed-plus-using-a-fork affair to eat these.

Tropical scallops

  • What is it? Sauteed scallops with a fruit salsa.
  • Under 12 minutes? A little longer, mainly because the scallops didn’t cook as quickly as the recipe describes.
  • Tasty? Pretty good. I’d probably double the lime juice next time.

Spring stir fry

  • What is it? Asparagus, snow peas, fava beans and broccoli with ginger.
  • Under 12 minutes? Probably 12 minutes on the nose.
  • Tasty? Tim & I each added a lot of sauce to this after cooking; it was pretty bland. I bet that using a good dose of freshly grated ginger would help.

The final recipe I meant to try was the creamy avocado pasta, but that plan was foiled by a nasty spring cold that completely obliterated my sense of taste. Once my head has unclogged, though, I’ll give that one a try. And in the meantime, we’ve got several new recipes for the eat-right-quick files at Chez Eating The Week.


  1. Kelly says:

    Wow! I wrote that article (the 52 recipes) and I’m so stoked you tried out some of the recipes. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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