Rhode Scholar: 10 miles of 1sts

Today’s 10-miler was one marked by several firsts: it was the first time I’d run more than a couple miles in the greater SomerCambriBoston area; I managed to not speed past the 10 min/mile intended pace; I ran with a dog; and I ran a long training run with Team Fla (3/5ths of Team Flail).

Ok, technically I’ve done a long run with Flailmates before: Drew, John & I tested 8 miles of the Rhode Races half marathon course during training. But this one still counts as the first co-Flailing in 2012, as well as the longest. We had a great day by February in New England standards: sunny, low wind, and while not warm, at least it wasn’t single-digit bitter.

This, of course, totally contradicts my earlier lone-wolf declarations. But Adam persuaded me that tackling the increasingly ridiculous mileage of the weekend long runs would be much more bearable with some company, and it certainly made for a more entertaining 1 hour 45 minutes than just talking to myself.

I shuffled a few things around in week 4’s training schedule so I could do the 10-miler Sunday instead of Saturday as originally planned. So this week went: yoga, easy 4 miler, intervals (6 x 1 min), cross-training (step aerobics & weights, surprise!), a hill workout, a full rest day, then an easy 3 miler moved up from early week 5, and today’s 10-miler. For those keeping score at home, that’s an 8-day week. But I think I’m going to stay with the shift for awhile, because having those easy short miles the day preceding my long run seems to help prevent sluggish legs from a full day off.

Team Flail will definitely regroup as a pack to run several more training runs between now and the marathon. When we do, I’m lobbying for all of us to get a post-run relaxation pad as nice as Mia’s.

(Excuse the terrible focus there; I only had my phone for pictures!)

2 Responses to Rhode Scholar: 10 miles of 1sts

  1. Definitely a beautiful day to run!

    • Adam, John & I were talking about how we’ve lucked out with winter weather during training so far. If we’d tried this last year, it would have been a whole different story.

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