Rhode Scholar: Whoa, here we go – first marathon!

You know that feeling after you’ve gone headfirst into something, then come up for air and think whaaaaaaat have I gotten myself into?

When I heard I’d been chosen to be among this year’s Cox Providence Rhode Races Rhode Scholars—participants who will blog about their training for the races in May—that was my initial reaction. All that off-the-cuff enthusiasm about running my first marathon met a solid 24 hours where I realized that meant actually running my first marathon.

That’s 26.2 miles, people. Some people don’t even drive that far in a day, and I’m going to try traversing it with just my own two feet. Seriously, whaaaaaaat.

But then I discussed it with the intrepid Team Flail, who were cajoled into running with me. I got a grip, sent in my registration, and slapped a badge on the ol’ blog.

So this morning, instead of an ambling few miles with no real purpose, I hit the streets at 5am to get some speed intervals in (6 x 1min, 2min recoveries). I’m going to have to make up for a missed week on the training plan, but by and large I’m going to be following the 18 weeks laid out in No Meat Athlete’s Marathon Roadmap. I used his half-marathon plan for a race this past fall, and found it was great preparation and likely helped me shave a few minutes off my previous PR.

I’m still fairly freaked out about this (whaaaaaaaat) but hey, that’ll make for some entertaining recaps, right? Hereafter, I’ll be blogging weekly as I work through these 17 weeks of training, marking each post with the Rhode Scholar title so the runners can see them, and the non-runners can ignore them. We’ll keep up with the usual weekly food-related posts, provided I’m able to drag myself to the computer after some of the longest long runs.

Ready? I (think I) am, so let’s go!

6 Responses to Rhode Scholar: Whoa, here we go – first marathon!

  1. Hey are those Kinavara sneaks? I love them!

    I’m sure you’ll be good to go come race day! But I’m pretty sure many people feel the same way. I do, and this will be my 5th marathon…

    • Yep, Kinvaras! I’ve been running in them for ~1/2 year now and they’re great. Something about their mechanics is a lot friendlier to my hamstrings than the previous shoes I’ve tried.

  2. Wow! That’s awesome Kat!! I’m so excited for you – and good luck with the training!! Hopefully I’ll see you in some classes at FSU this Spring and we can catch up!! I’m looking into getting No Meat Athlete’s Marathon Roadmap myself for a marathon in the Fall… I’m guessing that you highly recommend it for someone who is a vegetarian?

    Thanks and best of the luck with the training!

    • Thanks, Farah! I’m moderately terrified about this, but looking forward to the challenge.

      I would definitely recommend Matt’s guide, even if only for the lower-mileage, higher-intensity training plan. But he’s got a lot of veg-friendly recipes in there, and unpretentious guidance on the training mindset for a marathon.

  3. Thanks Kat! I will definitely be getting it then – and let me know if you ever need any company on your longer runs! I might not be able to do the entire distance with you but would certainly do part of it to keep you company if you like!

    • You may to rescind the offer when I try to rope you into a long run on a treadmill if the weather doesn’t cooperate! But really, thanks for offering & I’ll let you know

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