Recipe Redux: Putting the P(ea) in Potluck

My recipe for this month’s Recipe Redux goes something like this: mix 2 client deadlines, several end-of-semester finals, sprinkle with a new job, and bake for the week leading up to the holidays & travel. Result? I’ve got nothing for this  month’s theme: putting the p(ea) in potluck. Our challenge was to make a party-friendly recipe that uses legumes, and I fully intended to do something spicy and sweet with mung beans (which I met during a recent Hello Stranger post).

But then a whole lot of workschoolmoreworkparenthoodholidays intervened, and I haven’t yet worked through a mung-bean dip recipe. My fellow Reduxers, however, remain on their game and have a slew of bean-y recipes to brighten any holiday party. I hope you’ll check them out (links below) and I’ll be back in full Redux form next month after a highly anticipated winter break between semesters!

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