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A week into full-fledged vegetarianism, I’ve gotten lots of “Cool! Why?” from people I’ve told about my recent decision. Frankly, it’s not that big of a leap – I’ve been a low-frequency meat eater for health and environmental reasons, and I genuinely prefer plant-centric recipes.

Tomato ricotta tart

More recently, the ethics related to eating meat have weighed more heavily on my mind (explaining to my 5-year-old how those chicken drumsticks got on our plates will do that, I guess). So I made the change and now eat anything plant-based, as well as dairy and eggs. Seven days into this, the switch hasn’t been that big of a deal (aside from my glee that I can rock the No Meat Athlete shirt in an upcoming race & be legit about it).

Another question that may be more relevant to you is what this means for the blog. ETW posts are heavy on the plant-based recipes already, but I’m not going to swing 100% in that direction now. The reasons are many, but they can be boiled down to two main ones:

  • There are already a zillion vegetarian/vegan blogs written by people with way more experience and insight than I have. Teh internets don’t really need another.
  • I started this blog as a way to explore nutritional science as I’m working toward becoming an RD. The reality is that I’ll have to meet clients where they are, and help them with healthy choices that meet their preferences, which for many will include meat.

So that’s the upshot: while there won’t be any more meat CSA posts, ETW will otherwise remain omnivorous. I’ll be back with the usual theme-recipe rigamarole in a few days!

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