Recipe Redux – Dressing for Success: citrus sesame avocado dressing

Although I recently bought a running skirt, I’m not much of a dress person. Thanks to the culinary dietitians of Recipe Redux, however, I’m definitely a dressing person.

Our group of was tasked this month with devising recipes for healthy condiments, spreads and salad dressings. At the end of this post, you’ll find the results including spicy tahinis and ranch dressings, legume-y hummus, and my own citrus sesame avocado dressing.

Citrus avocado dressing isn’t anything new under the sun – just google around and you’ll find lots of good ideas. But the small twist I put on this recipe is including the nutty taste of sesame oil. If you recall the goat cheese, fruit and spinach salad that I like to make, those were the flavors and texture I was going for: sweet, tangy citrus; nutty like almonds; and creamy like goat cheese. The result is a simple, 4-ingredient dressing that goes great over simple greens.

To make this dressing (recipe text file here), you’ll need:
Juice of 2 lemons
1 very ripe avocado
2 Tbs honey or agave nectar
3 Tbs sesame oil

The lemon juice gives the dressing a decidedly tart flavor; if you’d rather avoid the Mega Pucker, use ½ cup orange juice instead of the juiced lemons.

Add all ingredients to a food processor & pulse until smooth and well-mixed (1-2 minutes), after which your food processor will end up looking like an extra from Ghostbusters:

The dressing will be pretty creamy; you could thin it out with water or a sweet fruit juice if you’d prefer a more pourable consistency. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the dressing out, and either store in the fridge or serve.

How would one serve it, you ask? Well, I’ve had it over a simple spinach  and carrot salad, used it as a dip for pretzels, and several times this week I smeared some on nutty gluten-free bread and then topped it with thick slabs of heirloom tomato.  But it’s a pretty versatile spread, so you can probably come up with myriad ways to use it!

Don’t spend too long experimenting with just this citrus avocado dressing, though – you’ll want to make time for all these other great recipes from my fellow Recipe Reduxers:




  1. Wow, could this be easier? I love avocado with honey myself and my 4 yr will be excited to help me make this because she loves to scoop avocados out of their skins (so much so that I have to hide a few if I just want to slice them!) This would be yum in a rice dish.

    • eatingtheweek says:

      Thanks, and let me know how your daughter likes it! I couldn’t convince Miles (5yo) to try some, even when I tried selling it as ghost slime.

  2. No apologies needed when it comes to simplicity… that’s what people need to understand about healthy dressings. They taste great, are less expensive, better for you AND are easy 😉

  3. Love simple recipes like this! And love the addition of sesame oil. Filing this away :)

  4. Serena says:

    I laughed out loud at your intro about running skirt and dressings! Still makes me smile as I write this! (: I love sesame oil…never thought to add to avocado! Yum!

  5. eatingtheweek says:

    Nicole & Serena – thanks, the sesame oil was a last-minute light bulb. I couldn’t figure out how to get nutty flavor in there without chopped nut bits, until I remembered I had sesame oil sitting around in the fridge.

  6. Seriously~what a great and simple recipe!! all my fave ingredients are in there too :)

    • eatingtheweek says:

      It’s amazing what one can do under pressure to write a blog post with a nearly-bare fridge 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  7. Can’t wait to try this dressing, as I love both avocado and citrus. Your spinach salad sounds food too, as does this dressing on gluten-free bread with heirloom tomato. Serious yum!

    • eatingtheweek says:

      Thanks, EA! I really liked Bob’s Red Mill whole-grain GF bread mix that I tried recently. Rich flavor that pairs well with those beefy tomatoes & the tangy dressing.

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