Recipe ReDux – Frozen Treats: Coconut chia-seed fruit pops

Late August is the time when folks start to panic, worried that we haven’t taken advantage of summer’s uniquely tasty bounty. The ever-fewer days on this month’s calendar needle us, whispering, “There’s only this many left to grill.”

Thanks to Recipe Redux, however, you can at least stay calm, cool, and healthfully satisfied the next time you hear the tinny tones emanating from the neighborhood ice cream truck. This month, we’ve got nearly 30 recipes for frozen treats: ice creams and “ice creams,” sorbets and snow cones, pies and popsicles, and my own Coconut Chia-Seed Fruit Pops.

No need to chase the truck one last time before it heads to winter storage, my friends (although, I have to say, that sounds like a fun addition to my half-marathon training regimen). We’ve got you covered with chilly concoctions you can make at your leisure, in summer or any season.

Admittedly, this month’s theme was foreign territory for me. The closest I’ve come to creating a frozen treat is putting strawberry soup leftovers in the freezer. But I like chia-seed pudding so much that I have 3-lb bags of the seeds on auto-shipment from Amazon, and I figured it would make for a tasty popsicle with a fun nubbly texture.

For the coconut chia-seed fruit pops (text file of the recipe here), you’ll need:

¾ cup unsweetened coconut milk
3 Tbs chia seeds
1 Tbs coconut oil
½ pound (approx. 2 cups) diced pineapple
1 mango, peeled and roughly cut

A note on the coconut milk used in this recipe: it’s the non-dairy-used-in-your-breakfast-cereal kind, not the straight-from-the-coconut kind. And please use virgin coconut oil, not the processed stuff with a vendetta against your arteries.

Mix the coconut milk, chia seeds and coconut oil in a smooth-walled container (the seeds love to get wedged into corners, where they will stick and make cleaning a real pain if they dry out later). Let sit for 20 minutes, or until a reasonably thick gel has formed. Stir again before using.

In a food processor, combine the pineapple and mango and process until a semi-lumpy mash is formed.

In a mixing bowl, combine the chia-coconut gel and the fruit mash in a 1:2 gel-to-fruit ratio (you will likely have some leftover fruit mash). You can tinker with proportions here to make it more fruit-y or more chia-ful. Scoop the mixture into popsicle molds – or waxed paper cups with a popsicle stick in the middle – and freeze for at least 3 hours.

To remove a popsicle from the mold, run the mold under lukewarm water for 10-20 seconds, then wiggle the popsicle out & enjoy.

So while August may be waning, you can keep summer going for awhile with this month’s list of recipes from fellow Reduxers:


  1. InspiredRD says:

    I love chia seeds too! In fact, I just ran out, so I need to get some more. These popsicles look refreshlingly delicious!

  2. I have never made anything with chia seeds. This looks very refreshing, especially with the coconut milk.

  3. I still need to try Chia! Thanks for reminding me :)

  4. Wow loving seeing all the chia. Australia is a huge exporter of this nutritious little seed. I’ve blooged about chia too:
    Love this recipe.

    • Cool, I’ve only seen them sourced from S America, according to the bags I’ve purchased. I never had a Chia Pet myself, but the alfalfa sprout sock person sounds like a DIY project my son might like.

  5. GRAINCRAZY says:

    Very cool! I love chia :)

  6. Fun…. you’d never know you were a frozen dessert novice 😉

    So glad to have you participating in The ReDux. Your enthusiasm is contagious!!

  7. Looks like a fabulous combo! I definitely want to try these nubbly popsicles! :-)

  8. The perfect recipe to expand my “chia seed” horizons!

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