Recipe ReDux: Summer drinks – sparkling melon fizz, nice & naughty

The basil is coming! The basil is coming! Now that summer has finally arrived in the Northeast, our garden has taken off. The result: more basil and mint than I know what to do with.

So when I saw this month’s Recipe Redux theme, summer drinks, my main goal was to find a way to get those sweet leaves into a tasty beverage. When it’s hot and sticky, a light, clean-tasting drink is the way to go. The subtle flavors of melon salads with basil and mint are a favorite of mine, and I figured they could be easily transformed into a refreshing summer drink: sparkling melon fizz.

Head past the jump for the simple recipe, and to see how I Reverse ReDuxed it to make a naughtier version.

To make the sparkling melon fizz (four servings), you’ll need:

Approximately one half each of a honeydew melon and a cantaloupe
One bottle (large) of lemon seltzer
One handful each basil and mint leaves, roughly torn

Using a melon baller, scoop out 10-15 balls from each melon and set aside. Then make another 4-5 rough scoops from each melon, and dice those.

Divide the basil, mint, and diced melon among the four glasses and mix briefly. Divide the balled melon among the four glasses. The melon won’t fully weight down the leaves when you add the seltzer, but they’ll keep it under semi-control.

Pour the seltzer to fill the glass to near the top, and serve! There’s no particular science to the ingredient proportions, by the way; you can just wing it and I’m sure it will come out great.

Now, the whole point of Recipe Redux is for participating bloggers to rethink tasty recipes as healthier versions. But almost as soon as I came up with the melon fizz recipe, my mind wandered to a naughtier alternative. Or maybe I should say, another version popped into my head (sorry, couldn’t resist).

If your otherwise-healthy diet has room in it for the occasional libation, then you may like this version. Instead of lemon seltzer, use a sparkling wine (I used prosecco); add a couple grinds of fresh black pepper for a little extra kick.

Tasty though the prosecco version is, let’s not stray too far from the ReDux mission. To get us back on the healthy path, here are the links to fellow ReDuxers’ blog posts with great summer drinks:


  1. I love how similar our drinks are based on ingredients but how different they look. LOVE the gorgeous chunks of colors in your glass (and of course, the “naughty” version.) Cheers!

  2. EA Stewart says:

    This looks so delicious and I love that you made a naughty version :-) Cool addition of pepper too!

  3. Deanna, EA – Thanks, both! I just love the colors of those melons together in salads, and wanted to achieve the same “look” in these drinks. Plus, who doesn’t like using a melonballer, right?

  4. Yuri says:

    Beautiful sparkling melon fizz, love the pieces of fruit and herbs. I’ll take two with prosecco, please :)

  5. This is such a unique idea….I think I’ll try the naughty version!

  6. Love the pictures and this does look delicious! I feel like I could sit in your kitchen and just watch you whip up tasty delights!

  7. Loving all the summer drinks. We don’t have flavoured seltzer in Australia. I’m reading lemon in your recipe and lime in others. Is it a naturally falvoured product?

    • I wouldn’t have made it through pregnancy w/out flavored seltzer! I think many of the basic citrus versions are naturally flavored – they are labeled as “natural lemon essence” or extract. They generally don’t have artificial sweeteners, at least.

  8. Alexandra, Yuri, Karman – Thanks, all! Would be happy to have you over for a drink sometime 😉

  9. This is beautiful! Love the chunks of coloring swimming in the bubbly 😉 So glad to have you participating in The ReDux!

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