Giveaweek! Peeled Snacks organic dried fruit review and giveaway

Awwwww snacks! Peeled Snacks, that is. A gloomy Tuesday afternoon suddenly looked a whole lot brighter – and tastier – when four pouches of organic dried fruit sent to me by Peeled Snacks appeared on my doorstep.

I’m familiar with Peeled Snacks from their mango and apple single-serve pouches available at Starbucks; I like that they’re tasty organic fruit without anything added, in convenient packaging for when you’re on the go and not interested in smearing pear all over the inside of your purse. But I hadn’t yet tried some of their other fruits or mixes. So I was psyched to open up these re-sealable pouches and dig in to each one: Farmer’s Market Trio, Paradise Found, Go Figure, and Much Ado About Mango.

Peeled Snacks (l to r): Farmer's Market Trio, Much Ado About Mango, Paradise Found, and Go Figure

Want to know how they taste? Follow past the jump.

There are several nutrition-y reasons I could claim were behind my bee-lining for the Go Figure mix (apricots, dates and figs). After all, that particular group of fruits is high in potassium, a nutrient that can count me in its fan club. But in reality, I’m a sucker for this mix due to taste alone. Sugary dates, velvety apricots, and the crunchy sweet figs add up to The Bag I’m Going To Hide From My Family.

I will admit, the brownish dried banana in their Paradise Found mix didn’t win me over at first glance. But then, that’s what an unadulterated dried banana looks like, right? And when it tastes good (it does), appearances take a backseat. Eaten together with the pineapple and mango in this mix, the bananas blend into a hard-to-describe but easy-to-recognize taste of the tropics.

The Farmer’s Market Trio – apple, cherries and raisins – was surprising for its subtlety. I was expecting a sharp bite from the cherries, but the mix is actually very mild. If you like sweet without a tangy kick to your tongue, this mix would fit the bill.

Want to get your hands and taste buds on some? I’m giving readers several ways to enter for a chance to win one Peeled Snacks Organic Fruit Pouch Sampler (third item on that page). The sampler contains 8 resealable pouches, including both organic single fruits and organic fruit mixes. Please note that only U.S. addresses are eligible. To enter, you must do at least one of the following:

  • Follow Peeled Snacks on Twitter and tweet me about it – something along the lines of “Hey @Eatingtheweek I’m following @PeeledSnacks on Twitter for a chance to win an Organic Fruit Pouch Sampler”
  • Like Peeled Snacks on Facebook, and leave me a comment on this post to tell me you did.
  • Visit Peeled Snacks’ website, and leave me a comment here about which of their organic fruit or fruit mix products you’d most like to try.

Want to increase your odds? You can enter multiple times if you do more than one thing from the list above. And once you’ve followed Peeled Snacks on Twitter, liked them on Facebook, or left me a comment about which Peeled Snack you’d like to try, you can also refer someone to do any of the things above for an additional entry. Your friend must tell me via Twitter, Facebook, email, or a comment on this post that you referred them.

And for each activity, I will contribute $1 to the North Reading food pantry, the same way I did in my March giveaway. Referrals are worth even more: I’ll contribute $1 for the referee and $1 for the referrer.

The giveaway starts today and will end on Monday June 27 at 3 pm Eastern time. One entry will be selected at random via’s generator by 9 pm June 27 to receive an Organic Fruit Pouch Sampler courtesy of Peeled Snacks. Only addresses in the United States are eligible.

So go check out Peeled Snacks and good luck!

Disclosures: Peeled Snacks gave me four product samples to review and is providing the giveaway prize at no cost to me. The opinions I’ve expressed in this post are mine and are not edited, reviewed, or influenced by Peeled Snacks. The food pantry donation is not sponsored by any other entity (it’s coming straight out of my own wallet).


  1. Tina W. says:

    I liked Peeled Snacks on facebook.

  2. Tina W. says:

    I want to try the Staycation kit. Yum!

  3. heather laverdiere says:

    I liked Peeled Snacks on facebook.

  4. I liked peeled snacks on facebook.

  5. I went to peeled snacks’ website and I would like to try the fruit of the month club.

  6. Where have I been that I’m not familiar with these. The Go Figure looks & sounds divine. My 4 yr old & I can’t get enough dried figs and dates. I’d probably be the only taker on the apricots, but I suspect he’ll come around soon 😉

    p.s. Kudos on the donation. So much free food on the internet, yet so many people still hungry in America.

  7. Heather, Dan & Regan – Thanks, all, for entering!

    @Regan, seriously, lurve the Go Figure. I chopped some up as a topping for Greek yogurt w/breakfast; tasty. If your son is game to try other dried fruits, their mango and apple single-serve pouches are widely available at Starbucks. And thanks re: donation. I volunteer a couple times a month at the N Reading pantry, so I’m glad to pair supporting it with blogging/giveaways.

  8. Filip Galiza says:

    Going to Starbucks I often bring my four year old and its nice having this product available there. Great to buy this for your little ones as its healthy and relatively nutritious instead of the doughnuts, cookies, brownies and other stuff available. Make yourself feel like a good parent! Oh, and you can never go wrong with mango

  9. sara p. says:

    I would like to try the Apricot-a-lot! I love dried apricots, they are the perfect snack :)

  10. Nettie says:

    The Organic Fruit Pouch Sampler looks very yummy. It looks like something my kids would eat too. It’s nice to have another venue to get fruit into my kids!!

  11. Robin Rosen says:

    Went to Peeled Snack’s website. I already know I love the Mango. I’d love to try the Go Figure – I have a huge sweet tooth – love dates, and I love apricots!

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