The Meat of May

Our vegetable garden is just getting underway, and the larger local farmers markets won’t start their 2011 seasons for a week or two. So until I’ve got some produce upon which to pontificate, here’s a quick rundown of some recipes we’ve used with recent shares from Stillman’s farm meat CSA.

The May share included some chicken breasts, pork chops, and two hamburger patties. I put the chicken to work in a taco-bar dinner, where Miles paired it with his unconventional tortilla-chip filling inside a soft tortilla. I’m not sure he knows there’s such a thing as a hard taco, and I find the chips-in-taco thing too cute to tell him, for now.

The burgers were pretty simple – Tim reminded me that we have a Foreman grill (a vestige of our younger, child-free, less-kitchen-skilled days), so I used that to make a couple tasty cheeseburgers.

The recipe in which we used the pork – a coconut curry (recipe here) – was a dud, unfortunately. Maybe because I forgot to garnish with fresh basil at the end, but it was pretty bland. Can’t blame the pork, however, as it was juicy and tasty.

And remember when I was soliciting ideas for some of April’s share? Well, I found a use for the breakfast sausage in a sweet, cheesy casserole. We had brunch today, so I thawed it out yesterday, sautéed it, then piled it into a casserole dish with cinnamon-sugar-coated apples, cheddar cheese and bread cubes based on this recipe. I also made my brunch standard (spinach and cheese strata), but I think the breakfast sausage casserole is going to be a contender for a repeat spot.

Alas, I was too busy eating and basking in the glow of another strong showing from Team Flail – John, Andrew and I (Subteam Kale) ran the Hornet Hustle 5K before brunch – to get a picture of the casserole, so here’s some beefcake instead:

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