Tweeting Right with Color: recap of Food Fest chat

Think you could talk about ingredients and recipes for 17 hours straight? This past Wednesday, Our Cook Quest invited foodies on Twitter to take part in a most-of-the-day-and-night chat called Food Fest. Moderators would take an hour-long shift, tweet one ingredient every 10 minutes, and chat participants responded with recipes. It looked like this:

I signed up for the inaugural hour, 8-9 am, and chose Eat Right With Color – the theme for National Nutrition Month (March) – as my ingredient guideline. I tweeted a color with one fruit ingredient and one vegetable ingredient, every ten minutes. Despite the early hour, we had good participation and the chat yielded great ideas for eating the colorful ingredients I tossed out.

Did you miss out? I’ve got your back (or stomach, maybe) after the jump, where I’ve listed the recipes from Food Fest’s Eat Right With Color hour.

To start off, RED ingredients – strawberries or beets:

Next, ORANGE – peaches or butternut squash:

YELLOW ingredients – lemon or corn:

  • Mandoochoi Tamale: fresh corn + seeded jalapeño + queso(or any soft cheese)
  • familyfoodie Love making salsa with fresh corn
  • McMedia Corn Cakes with REAL Maple Syrup
  • ourcookquest Johnnycakes w/ corn kernels lemon zest & poblanos.

GREEN’s turn – avocado or kale:

  • poodle_power avocado, bacon, cheese on a hoagie roll, broil a min, squeeze fresh lemon, heaven!
  • EatingTheWeek GREEN recipes: kale, quinoa, carrot, raisin salad & 1/2 avocado, 1 kiwi, diced, spread over toast
  • Mandoochoi Kale chip: 1bunch clean/dry/bite size cut kale+1T evvo+1t salt+choice of seasoning. Bake 350 drg oven for 10 mins 2 brown edge
  • ourcookquest Thinly sliced raw kale large dice avocado topped w/ shaved mahon cheese w/ bacon vinagrette.
  • Mandoochoi Avocado mashed potato: equal amount of well ripped avocado and potato: buttery wo extra fat

BLUE or PURPLE – raisins or eggplant:

Last one was WHITE – banana (inside, not peel!) or parsnip:

Thanks again to Our Food Quest for inviting me, and to all the chatters who contributed great recipe ideas. The party continues over at #OCQ247 on Twitter; drop by anytime. Now go eat your rainbow today and give some of these recipes a try!

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