For the love of the week, part 2

Valentine’s Day has come & gone (as did the bottle of merlot Mr. & Mrs. Eating The Week shared). But I still have love for food and nutrition sources on teh intarwebs, so I wanted to highlight a few more in this quick post.

RecipEngineer (site, twitter)
Simply Recipes (site, twitter)
Hounds In The Kitchen (site, twitter)
Boston Food Blogs (site, twitter)
Local In Season (site, twitter)
Fed Up With School Lunch (site, twitter)
Today’s Link from Michael Pollan (site, twitter)
Food Politics from Marion Nestle (site, twitter)

Eat Well With Janel (site, twitter)
Professional Palate (site, twitter)
Raise Healthy Eaters (site, twitter)
Cold Cereal and Toast (site, twitter)
Tara Mardigan, nutritionist for the Red Sox (twitter)

Several of the sources I follow are also on Facebook; you can find them under the “likes” for the Eating The Week page (here). You can also follow several public lists I created on Twitter by going here.

*If you’re missing from this list, that still does not mean you/your blog are not among my favorites. It just means I ran out of time before Clients Who Pay Me needed me to wave the magical Powerpoint wand. I’ll do this again soon.

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